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Cordyceps Mushroom for Lung Function

As residents of one of the highest towns in North America, our cardiovascular health and performance is constantly challenged. Improving lung function and efficiency is critical to enjoying our outdoor sports and activities. It is without a doubt our respiratory systems are being affected by the wildfires that continue on in the western US and it's so important to stay on top of our lung health in order to speed up recovery time.⁠

Grown in Tibet at 9K feet, Cordyceps is a mushroom which has a long history of aiding lung function and improving asthma-like symptoms. If you are living with poor air quality, this mushroom is a great option for easing your symptoms.⁠

Here is an abstract of a recent research study looking at the effects of Cordyceps on sports physiology metrics:

'In a 130-patient, double-blind, randomized clinical trial, patients between 40 and 70-years old were given either an extract of cordyceps mushroom (dong chong xia cao) or a placebo for 12 weeks. Using sports physiology methods, the study measured exercise capacity, endurance performance, and exercise related metabolic alterations before, during, and after the trial period. Patients in the cordyceps group showed peak volume of oxygen consumption increased to 5.5% (compared to 2.2% in the control group), the time taken to reach peak volume increased by 4.1% (compared to 0%), and the time taken to walk one mile reduced by 29 seconds (compared to a slight increase in the control group). The cordyceps group also showed greater improvements in exercise work output and respiratory exchange ratio, and a greater decrease in body weight (0.78%) and diastolic blood pressure (3.2%). Cordyceps strengthens the kidneys and tonifies yang. It is considered a very safe substance which can be taken over a prolonged period (The Journal of Chinese Medicine, June 2004: 75:62).'

Are you curious about which Chinese Herbs are right for you?

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