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Acupuncture vs Dry Needling

Next time you are in pain and wondering how is Acupuncture therapy different than dry needling?

  • Acupuncture therapy has been in existence and practiced for at least 2500 years; Simons & Travell published their book on Trigger Point Therapy in 1983 (about 50 years ago).

  • An experienced Acupuncturist will seldom needle the affected/diseased area. Instead a skilled Acupuncturist will treat a distal area to AFFECT change in the diseased area.

  • This involves understanding channel theory or employing a body mapping or holographic approach - and requires understanding the underlying energetic disturbance in Qi or Blood flow - not just structure.

  • Licensed Acupuncturists receive many hundreds of hours of training during graduate school in needling technique and continue to hone their needling skills on a daily basis in clinical practice; CO law allows a PT to engage in dry needling after 45 hrs of training.

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